API Architect/Consultant

API Architect/Consultant
NJ, Jersey City

Job Description

API Architect/Consultant

Location: NY/NJ

 12 Months Contract

Required Experience:

The candidate will have proven experience as an API architect, integrator, problem-solver, and communicator. S/He must be particularly well versed in API best practices and API antipatterns. Experience with one or more API-management platforms is a plus. Experience with Google Apigee is a strong plus. 

Administrative/Technical Skills:

The person should be an innovative, highly skilled individual who can add value to the IT and business community at a practical level and work with developers, production staff, functional architects, sponsors and senior management.

Additionally, the following are required:

  • Experience with complex application and functional/technical architectures in the financial industry
  • Experience with Agile or similar iterative design/development processes
  • Architecture/API modelling and design experience, including a knowledge of development methods and tools
  • Basic knowledge and experience of one or more architecture methodologies such as TOGAF or Zachman
  • Excellent problem solving skills and an ability to develop solutions to complex requirements
  • Ability to think and work at both a low level of detail and a high level of abstraction, with an understanding of the interactions and benefits of each.
  • Highly developed written communication skills both in document production and development of architecture/API models.
  • Excellent presentation skills, with experience of presenting complex technology and strategy concepts to a wide range of stakeholders, understanding their views and positions and how these views will influence proposed solutions

Required Education or Equivalent Experience:

- Master’s degree or higher or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Please email resume to minakshi.mehta@harveynashusa.com

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