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Azure DevOps Engineer

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Job Description

Job Details:


1.    Azure Experience in a DevOps arena from a support and customization standpoint

2.    6 Years experience in Azure DevOps Arena

3.    Understanding and knowledge of Cloud Azure Architecture

4.    Experience with Financial Services from a Payments Standpoint, mobile payments would be great.

Job Description:

·        6+ years of demonstrable, professional Cloud Infrastructure experience in Azure.

·        Strong critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving skills.

·        Strong verbal and written communication skills

·        Experience in a cloud administration, orchestrator role and understanding of cloud architecture and services in Microsoft Azure.

·        Demonstrate knowledge of cloud architecture and implementation features (OS, multi-tenancy, virtualization, orchestration, elastic scalability).

·        Knowledge of and experience with Azure administration, policy, configuration, solution deployment

·        Demonstrate knowledge of DevOps tool chains and processes

·        Azure general and network security

·        Working experience and knowledge in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

·        PowerShell, Azure CLI, ARM Templates, Ansible and other scripting language

·        Experience with Azure DevOps, and infrastructure as code CI/CD deployment practices.

·        A self-starter with abilities to transition to new technologies, lead and guide architecture, and solve problems analytically.

·        Experience in a DevOps oriented team utilizing the AGILE with SCRUM methodology.

·        Experience managing code and dependencies in Azure DevOps, GIT along with other Configuration management best practices.

·        Experience with Azure resource management using ARM templates, Terraform templates and Azure APIs.

·        Proven experience performing root cause analysis in complex and distributed systems and environments.

·        Experience with DMZ application behavior including firewall connectivity and external interfaces. Working knowledge of SQL and Postgres.

·        Ability to write SQL scripts and automation scripts using bash/python/ansible in UNIX and/or Windows environment.

·        Experience with code analyzer tools like Sonar Cube a plus.

·        Experience with Jira /Confluence/Slack a plus.

·        Experience with logging frameworks like ELK a plus.

·        Experience with CDN, Azure Front Door, Storage Account, Static Sites, Load Balancers, API Gateway, SSL a plus.

·        Experience with build tools and methodologies like Yarn, NPM, Docker a plus.


A reasonable, good faith estimate of the minimum and maximum for this position is $140K/year to $160K/year with benefits. 

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