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Capacity Planning Engineer - VM / Containers

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Job Description

Title: Capacity Planning Engineer - VM / Containers    

Duration: 5 Months

Location:  Austin ,TX


• Develop, maintain, and present capacity plans for dedicated and virtual Linux and Windows servers on ESX and Hyper-V hypervisors, Hadoop clusters, and Kubernetes containers. Plans will serve quarterly purchase needs as well as annual financial planning.
• Create capacity models using historical trends and known future demand that will forecast future infrastructure needs and plan for what-if scenarios such as failover at various levels. Models will consider compute, memory and storage as well as I/O limitations.
• Engage with project teams on major initiatives to understand traffic volumes, workflows and hardware requirements to plan for adequate capacity.
• Use VMware VROPS, vCenter, SCVMM, Splunk, BMC TSCO, SCOM, SAS BI, SysDig, Ambari, Cloud Optimizer, Aptare and other capacity planning tools for server capacity planning analysis and evaluation.
• Use Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Power Point and other data analytics and presentation tools to show visual representations of metrics and relevant data.
• Ensure adequate capacity for all resources is maintained at the virtualized level as well as the physical level. Provide virtualized capacity planning visibility for multiple hypervisors such as VMware, and Hyper-V.
• Coordinate effectively with Engineering staff and other Capacity Planning staff to ensure adherence to standards and guidelines.
• Provide expert advice for assisting in the choice of server vendors and server configurations as well as for tool evaluation and purchase.
• Act as a 3rd level Technical support for Infrastructure related challenges.

Basic Qualifications:

• 4 years of work experience with a Bachelor’s Degree or at least 2 years of work experience with an Advanced degree (e.g. Masters, MBA, JD, MD) or 0 years of work experience with a PhD degree
• Experience in Capacity Planning, and the metrics underlying the discipline are necessary
Preferred Qualifications:
• 7-10 years of work experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or 6 years of work experience with an Advanced Degree (e.g. Masters, MBA, JD, MD) or 3 years of experience with a PhD.
• Industry experience in Open Systems Capacity Planning and Server Administration including a good background in managing and planning servers in both dedicated and virtualized environments
• Strong analytical skills as evidenced by college level mathematics training and on-the-job use of analytical mathematics
• Solid knowledge of the concepts of x86 virtualization are necessary for VMware and optional for Hyper-V and KVM, preferably with experience in a large environment spanning multiple datacenters and global regions.
• Knowledge of Hadoop and Kubernetes concepts, especially in regards to capacity planning.
• Knowledge of tools for capacity planning analysis and evaluation such as VMware VROPS, vCenter, SCVMM, Splunk, BMC TSCO, SCOM, SAS BI, SysDig, Ambari, Cloud Optimizer, and Aptare


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