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Credit Risk Analyst

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Job Title: Risk Manager 

Duration: 4+ Months

Location: Miami, FL

Job Description:

The primary responsibility of the Senior Credit Risk Analyst is to protect the Client from settlement losses by ensuring that settlement risk issues are appropriately identified and mitigated.

The Senior Credit Risk Analyst will have the opportunity to participate in the broader scope of credit risk management by analyzing and monitoring existing Client clients (mainly Financial Institutions and increasing number of Corporates) and recommending credit rating assignments for new clients. In addition, the position will work closely with various key internal and external stakeholders that participate in the Client payment system.

The Miami based position will report directly to the VP, LAC Head of Credit Settlement Risk. As part of an extended Global Team, the Senior Credit Risk Analyst will also be involved in managing and implementation of the Global Credit Settlement Risk Policy.

Essential Functions
Perform credit analysis and industry research of new and existing clients to ensure that risk assessments are properly conducted to identify risk exposures to Client
Credit risk evaluation and management of increasing number of corporations and fintech clients in LAC.
Identify and monitor countries and clients throughout LAC that may cause concern and implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies
Actively engage and work closely with both internal and external Senior Management to develop strategies that support business growth while addressing risk concerns
Diligently monitor client exposures while working with collateral administration to action collateral shortfalls
Anticipate client defaults (as far as possible) and manage client defaults in such a manner as to minimize risk exposure to Client by implementing appropriate risk mitigation strategies
Ensure that Credit Settlement Risk issues are adequately identified for all products and decision risk assessments
Assess liquidity and credit settlement risk regulatory requirements that apply to payment networks and participants

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