Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst
NJ, Weehawken

Job Description

Title: Cyber Security Analyst

City: Weehawken

Job Type: Full Time Employment


Required skills:

·         A natural ability to solve complex issues through analytical and lateral thinking

·         Performed proactive hunting; have detected anomalous and potentially malicious activity in log data

·         Master's degree in a STEM field with 3+ years of relevant experience; Bachelor's degree in a STEM field with 5+ years of relevant experience; or 9+ years of incident response, malware analysis, and threat detection

·         Hands-on experience with content development and use-case management

·         Proficiency in log parsing and data analysis (REGEX is a must)

·         Proficiency in x86 assembly language, disassemblers, and debuggers

·         Hands-on experience with Volatility or similar malware analysis/forensic tools

·         Proficiency in static and dynamic malware analysis

·         Demonstrable proficiency in code de-obfuscation and anti-forensic techniques

·         Fluency in at least one compiled language (C, C++, etc.) and one scripting language (Python, Perl, etc.)

·         A firm understanding of the TCP/IP stack and networking (knowing the difference TCP and UDP is not enough)

·         Moderate to advanced understanding of DDoS attacks and mitigation techniques

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