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Data Engineer

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Job Description

The Data Engineer position is ideal for the technically oriented individual who has experience doing “all things data”, including designing data storage solutions, implementing data storage solutions, optimizing data storage solutions landing data, manipulating data and providing L2 support. In this role, you will collaborate with multiple organizations (Business Customers, Product Owners, Data Tech, IT) to convert business goals into data storage solutions. This role will work in small, cross functional teams and embrace lean and agile practices, software best practices, software quality scanning, automated testing, and CI/CD.

POSITION DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT: Identify, document, communicate and design per requirements. DESIGN: Design data stores.

IMPLEMENT DATA STORES: Implement data stores (Hadoop, relational DBs, noSQL DBs, etc.).

DATA LANDING: Perform Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) or variations of this activity.

TEST: Participate in testing.

TUNE: Tune data stores (indexes, SQL queries) to improve performance.

L2 SUPPORT: Assist with customer inquiries and incidents/problems.

MANAGE: Lead and support integration projects and discuss status with executives.

COLLABORATE: Work within/across teams.


Skills Required:

REQUIRED SKILL Critical thinking and decision making DA/DBA - Data Architecture (Data Design, Index Design, Referential Integrity) DA/DBA - DB Create/Modify (DB Create/Modify tables, DDL export/import, Data export/import) DA/DBA - Performance Tuning (DB-side identification of issues, SQL tuning, DB tuning) Data Manipulation - Hadoop Hive/HDFS Data Manipulation - SQL Strong communication – both verbal and written


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