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Data/Research Analyst

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Job Description


Research Analyst


Frankfort, KY



Estimated Duration:

Long term Indefinite



Job Description
Research Analyst

·        Work with multiple states and the affiliated state and public agency staff to develop common metrics, data structures, and documentation: this supports work to create reports that answer shared policy questions using common methodology across data from multiple states.

·        Utilize data from the Client Longitudinal Data System (KLDS) and other states within a virtual environment to develop reports. The primary languages used within this environment are SQL and R for aggregate data generation. As work progresses, there is the possibility of collaboration across states to engage in deeper research using more complex analytic methods.

·        Cross-state work may also involve providing input on potential grants, reviewing agreements to ensure we are staying within the scope of the project, and comparing outputs to already public work to ensure reason-ability of results.

·        Develop and revise queries and reports to meet internal and external reporting requirements.

·        Create both the first-stage proof of concept for an idea as well as scale this code to a more sustainable architecture as we iterate on the concept.

·        Apply and implement research principles and goals into code

·        Effectively communicate results back to both research and public agency staff

·        Debug and solve programming problems


·        Demonstrated experience coordinating analytical projects, large statistical reports, and applying advanced statistical methods

·        Proficiency in data querying and cleaning; strong knowledge of data structures and ability to efficiently manipulate/query data

·        Be comfortable with the intricacies of redaction to prevent re-disclosure of information.

·        Dedication to reducing technical debt as a component of code creation and maintenance with an understanding of how this becomes crucial over the lifecycle of a project.

·        Strong communication skills with the ability to clearly write and present material to both technical and non-technical audiences. (Required: examples will be requested of promising applicants).

Required Experience:

·        Experience developing statistical reports, conducting analyses, and preparing complex information for various audiences.

·        A bachelor’s degree plus five years’ experience or an advanced degree with equivalent academic experience, with a concentration in Statistics, Economics, Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, a related field, or a field with concentration in statistical methods.

·        Experience using statistical computer languages (R, SQL, Python, SAS, STATA) or other statistical software to manipulate data and draw insights from large data sets: At least one of R or SQL is required. Tableau experience is considered a plus. A short programming exercise is required as part of the process.

Preferred qualifications or experience:

·        Background in postsecondary and/or workforce concentration.

·        Experience with econometric methods.

·        Experience communicating with agency leadership, education and workforce practitioners and the policymaker communities.

·        Experience with version control software, either Git or SVN.

·        Experience manipulating and analyzing big data using SQL and R.

·        Experience creating Tableau visualizations or dashboards.

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