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Devops Engineer

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Job Description

Application Technology Management Consultant/Devops Engineer

Allen Park, MI- position is remote

6+ Months


In this position, as part of a team, the candidate will be responsible for supporting our application performance monitoring (APM) customers. This support includes maximizing the observability provided by our service into the performance of applications and helping our customers understand how to use it. Successful candidates have a customer-centric mindset set as well as a good understanding of the software and infrastructure architectures required to support applications. Workday may vary, but will include: • Supporting customer ticket needs for admin support of our application performance management (APM) solution • Consulting with our customers on how to improve the observability of their application’s performance • Onboarding customers onto our service including walking through the instrumentation, how to use the APM solution, and how the customer’s data is shown in APM • Investigate opportunities for expansion of our service into new technologies as part of continuous improvement By supporting the team as described above, the candidate will play a key role in supporting our department’s objectives. Our core focus is on customer experience and providing end-to-end observability through application performance monitoring to our customers. By supporting application performance management, the person who fills this role can directly improve customer satisfaction of both external and internal stakeholders.

Skills Required: 
• Ability to multi-task and work on multiple open customer requests simultaneously • Ability to work without technical oversight and coordinate tasks with teams of technical specialists 

Skills Preferred: 
• Understanding of common software platforms such as PCF/Tanzu, Kubernetes, traditional VMs, or GCP Cloud Run and how their architecture and dependencies may affect application performance • Familiarity with Google Site Reliability Engineering concepts

Experience Required: 
• 3 years of experience supporting applications in roles such as site reliability engineer, server administrator, software developer, performance testing engineer, or incident manager • Experience in troubleshooting application performance issues in complex architectures

Experience Preferred: 
• Experience using an Application Performance Management tool such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics, or New Relic • Software development experience

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