DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer
CA, San Francisco

Job Description

Skills and Requirements:

- BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field or relevant experience

-  2+ years of leading the expansion and improvement of DevOps capabilities

-  Command of your favorite scripting language: Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash, Java, C++, etc. to ensure operations automation and data gathering are accomplished seamlessly

- Experience in running large-scale, customer-facing, production services and systems on Linux

- Have the knack/ability to systematically troubleshoot issues

 - Deep hands-on experience with the design, development and deployment of business software at scale and current hands-on technology infrastructure, network, compute, storage, and virtualization experience

- Experience with technologies - such as AWS, Docker and Kubernetes

- Familiarity with ‘Infrastructure-as-code’ concepts (ex: Terraform, Cloudformation)

- Extensive experience with any enterprise monitoring systems

- Software development background in automation tools

-  Strong communication and interpersonal skills

- Attention to detail and a passion for correctness

- Passionate about what you do and often explore new tools and technologies that make automation and scale a reality

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