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DevSecOps Engineer

DevSecOps Engineer
NY, New York

Job Description

Job Summary

We are passionate people who set the industry standard for prestige beauty e-commerce.

As our DevSecOps Engineer on the DevOps team, you will be tasked with maintaining our Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, as well as overseeing Data Warehouse application releases.

You will work with the team to provide expert level support for all deployments and deployment tools such as but not limited to Terraform, Cloud Build, GCP and Docker.

You will work closely with all teams within the organization (Product, QA, Backend, Frontend and DevOps) to help cut release branches via Git and create release schedules for all applications.

Your responsibilities will also involve overall release communication across teams; as well as determining the risk/disaster level of deployments and rollback plans as needed case by case.

Additional responsibilities will revolve around DevOps tasks to improve release consistency and reliability such as Cloud Build pipeline creation, automated release documentation, and configuration management.




  • Manage and establish security best practices with regards to Identity & Access Management (IAM), networking, environment configuration, and more.
  • Manage GCP infrastructure and networking through Terraform code.
  • Monitor application health with GCP tools
  • Troubleshoot release and application issues jointly with engineers.
  • Work to understand and improve CI/CD workflows within the team.
  • Work with developers to establish healthy DevOps processes and ensure that structure is followed.
  • Determine appropriate risk levels and disaster recovery for releases.




  • You have experience with managing and supporting multi-application release infrastructures.
  • You are familiar with deployment, automation, configuration management and monitoring tools, concepts, and principles.
  • You own effective skills at communicating in a fast-paced environment with other engineers and product managers.
  • You are confident and assertive when making the call to rollback or fix forward and Sound
  • You have a good understanding of Agile and Scrum Frameworks
  • Own excellent problem-solving skills
  • You can effectively assist others with the use and application of our systems when necessary.
  • High proficiency with TCP/IP stack (OSI layers, subnetting, basic routing protocols)
  • Strong knowledge of OWASP best practices
  • Basic knowledge of PCI/SOX audit requirements
  • Strong grasp of host-based security technologies.
  • Password and identity management
  • Experience working across multiple Cloud stacks (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Build & test code continuously with scripting & programming languages
  • Manage, track & document changes to code with source control tools
  • Application deployment via automation with configuration management tool


Preferred Qualifications


  • Familiar with technical constructs, process and development frameworks.
  • Fundamental Knowledge of GCP.
  • Experience with projects at enterprise scale
  • E-commerce experience.
  • Highly repeatable tools and processes to automate supporting deployment processes with:
  • 5+ years in GCP.
  • 5+ years writing infrastructure as code
  • 6+ years in Security best practices.
  • 5+ years in System Administration, Unix shell.
  • 5+ years in Docker.
  • 3+ years with Kubernetes.
  • 6+ years in Security best practices.
  • 4+ years in CI/CD 

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