Front End Lead

Front End Lead
CA, San Jose

Job Description

Knowde is a ‘Chemical Marketplace’. They are building a marketplace that will be used by external customers (think Amazon – but for the chemical industry!)

Type: Start-up

Funding: Seed

Year Founded: 2017

Company Size: 60,  18 in Engineering around the globe

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Pitch: Knowde is Esentially an Amazon for the the chemical industry.  They are the first digital marketplace built for chemistry. Marketplaces have modernized and disrupted major industries. Knowde is bringing this same experience to the chemical industry.

Their value is simple: Knowde provides instant customer-facing digital transformation, without any capital expense.

Address: 333 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95110

TYPE: Privately held (fully funded start-up)

Year Founded: 2017

Number of Employees: 50


Job Description:                             

Client: Knowde

Type: Direct Hire

Location: San Jose, CA

Every human-made product on earth traces its roots to chemistry – from food to pharma, from Q-tips to qubits: chemistry makes every innovation possible. Can’t wait for that foldable phone? Thank Dow Chemical. Happy your home is warm? Thank DuPont. Have a kid and rely on baby wipes? Thank Lonza.

Knowde is transforming the $7 trillion chemical industry starting with the creation of a rich marketplace where people can crush the product innovation lifecycle down from years to days. We’re doing this by connecting customers and producers early in the product development lifecycle where they can research, discover, collaborate, negotiate and purchase chemistries and products quickly and repeatedly with a level of information transparency never before seen in this industry.

Knowde is looking to add an immensely talented Front End to our product team who will help us invent, design, refine and deliver the products that will enable this digital transformation. The products we will create together simply do not exist today. This is your chance to fundamentally affect how product innovation occurs globally across industries.

Unicorn’s Welcome!

Do you dream in Javascript? Can you bend uncooperative browsers to your will using only a paperclip, hot pot of coffee, the power or your mind and a well-placed "position: relative"? Do you have an urge to refactor your code as soon as you finish writing it?

If this is you, we've been waiting for you.

About You

·         You take pride in your work by implementing cutting-edge technologies and writing state-of-the-art code.

·         You own your projects from software design to implementation and deployment.

·         You love transforming UI designs and mockups into pages and flows using CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks such as Bootstrap and Angular.

·         You have a calling for building modular front-end code leveraging REST-based services.

·         You emphasize simplicity and pragmatism, which is reflected in your elegant code that other developers emulate

·         You have an exceptional understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates and AJAX

About Knowde

·         Knowde is a well-funded start-up based in San Jose but with work opportunities around the globe: Our core team is in San Jose and Seattle, but you can work from wherever it makes sense for you.

·         At Knowde, everyone owns the product and the product is our passion.

·         No one works 9-5. We’re a start-up.

·         We think big, move fast and have strong opinions.

·         We frame things up and expect you to fill in the blanks.

·         We are open to great ideas and are willing to experiment.

·         We believe in work flexibility and respect your need to work in your own space.

·         Everyone executes and delivers.

·         If you work with Knowde you will share in our success.

Our Stack

Angular 5 / TypeScript / ES6

Jasmine / Karma / Protractor

Bootstrap 4

Skills We’re Looking For:

·         5+ years’ experience developing rich UI/Front-end for user-facing web applications.

·         Ability to function as a project leader as well as an individual contributor.

·         Updated on the latest techniques/trends/thinking within your field and ready to share your knowledge and thoughts with both colleagues and clients.

·         Ability to work within distributed, multidisciplinary teams.

·         Excellent communication and facilitation skills.

·         Strong experience with Angular (Must Have), Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML DOM, HTML5, CSS3, single & progressive page web application and client side MVC architecture.

·         Expert in coding for responsive web

·         Experience in developing secure web applications and knowledge of application vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) etc.

·         High bar for quality and a phenomenal attention to detail

Education/Training Requirements:

·         B.S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and 5+ years of relevant work experience

·         Highly experienced in writing clean, unobtrusive JavaScript including experience with common libraries (Angular is a must) - (jQuery and Angular/Ember/React) and debugging tools.

·         Knowledge of browser quirks and their remedies.

·         Knowledge of browser internals like JavaScript engines and ways to tune code for best performance.

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