IoT Engineer

IoT Engineer
MA, Watertown

Job Description

IoT Edge Engineer


Watertown, MA


Roles & Responsibilities:

·         Leads IoT hardware & embedded software solutions for our IoT initaitives.

·         Designs and develops IoT hardware and embedded software including modules with sensors, wireless transmission devices.

·         Develops prototypes; debugs; sets-up and directs lab and field testing;

·         Leads board design, driver integration, system validation and detailed testing

·         Works on/involved with design refinement, concurrent engineering and bringing the product through its first production run.

·         Develops and tests embedded software to collect data from industrial products, process and transmit to cloud

·         Programming PLCs, Micro controllers and Edge Gateways

·         Technical liaison for 3rd party engineering development, contract manufacturing, and RF and industrial hazardous compliance certifications.

·         Innovation contributor for new IoT hardware/sensor designs or procuring the right off the shelf cost effective hardware/sensors. Analyzes and helps with buy Vs build decisions.

·         Rigorous revision controls for documentation of all software and hardware specifications

·         Assisting in the review and confirmation of system user manuals, as-built electrical/mechanical drawings, Bill of Material (BoM) lists, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and spare parts lists;

·         Works to understand data analytic needs as they will execute within hardware/embedded software design parameters


Technical Competency:

·         BS, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or equivalent in experience required. MS is a plus.

·         At least five years’ experience as a firmware engineer or micro coder

·         Two or more years related experience in the sensor design and integration.

·         Working experience with embedded hardware (e.g.: AVR, Cortex-M, Raspberry Pi or Arduino)

·         Solid working knowledge of analog, digital and mix-signal design methods and best practices

·         Strong experience with building products with electronics components, sensors, actuators, and radio interfaces

·         Integrate 3rd party sensor inputs into solutions with an on board MPU.

·         Rapid prototyping PCB’s including CAD design.

·         Experience and comfort with lab tools such as debuggers, logic analyzers, and oscilloscopes

·         Circuitry power optimization and integration of various peripherals from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular modules.

·         Excellent C/C++, Python, Java programming for device / sensor programming skills.

·         Familiarity with schematic/PCB layout software , Edge computing platforms and gateways.

·         Experience with RF, certifications, measurement, testing.

·         Experience with Bluetooth, and Wifi 802.11x protocols. Mesh networking a plus.

·         Familiarity with assembly language and reading sensor data sheets

·         Familiar with encrypted polyglot persistence options on IoT devices for secure storage and transmission. Experience with encryption, security, and networking concepts;

·         Experience with Linux or derivatives (i.e. Yocto, Ubuntu) and Windows also desirable.

·         Strong experience building embedded software using various device protocols (Modbus, CANbus, OPC-UA, MQTT…) and communication protocols (Zigbee, LoRA, BLE, WiFi, cellular…)

·         Strong analytical, written, verbal, and interpersonal skills required.

·         Strong team player with the ability to collaborate and communicate with complex matrixed teams across the globe

·         Able to work independently and provide updates to management

·         Well-developed negotiation and influencing skills, for technical and non-technical audiences.

·         Ability to travel to company locations or customers when needed.


Additional Skills: (Nice to have)

·         Experience with MEMS based accelerometers a plus.

·         10+ years’ experience in PCB design & development of released product. (Strongly preferred)

·         Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google.

·         Experience with databases such as SQLserver, MySQL


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