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Junior Developer

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Job Description

Title: Junior Developers

Location: Remote

Duration: Long-term Indefinite.

Looking for at least 2 Years of real time experience using Web forms and VB.NET/ C#/ASP.NET

About the Junior Developer Position:

Cabinet is looking to hire someone with some fundamentals and experience in software/application development while realizing the technologies listed below haven’t been mastered at the time of an interview.  Client hires full stack software developers and expects the developer to be able to develop all layers/tiers of an application.  It is our goal for a junior developer to master these skills and perform full stack development over time.  With a junior developer position, we understand the need to provide training and expect the developer to learn software skills on and off the job. DIS uses Jira Cloud for tracking all assignments for contractors and implements Kanban for our software development methodology and adheres to software development life cycle industry standards. A computer science degree and/or related certifications are preferred by not required.

Required Skills:

  • Extensive experience with Web-forms
  • Experience in Software Analysis, Design, Development, Testing practices of Client Server, N-tier applications using C#.NET and VB.NET.
  • Experience developing web based and windows based applications using ASP.NET, C#. NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET.
  • Experience in SQL Server with technologies such as Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers.
  • Eager to learn, adapt and implement innovative technologies.

Desired Skills (but not required):

  • Entity Framework : Developed a data layer using Entity Framework, using Database First.  Created models, performed CRUD operations with the model, used attributes, called stored procedures and functions.  Experience with Linq.
  • ORM (Dapper, Poco, NHibernate, etc…) : Developed a data layer using an ORM other than Entity Framework.  Created models, developed CRUD operations with the model, used attributes, called stored procedures and functions.
  • C#: Built an application from scratch, which included 90% of the following:  classes, interfaces, reflection, generics, threading, async methods, dependency injection, data structures, collections, and an algorithm.  Developed the application with a minimum of three layers.
  • SQL: Developed tables, views, functions, indexes, stored procedures, and triggers.  Able read an explain plan and improve database performance.
  • MVC: Developed a website and wrote routes, controllers, views, and models.  Developed using dependency injection, performing all CRUD operations, implemented javascript, and used third party controls.
  • WebApi : Developed a WebAPI application with either JSON or XML responses and performed all CRUD operations.   Used method requests for get, post, put and delete, providing multiple routes per controller.
  • Typescript/Javascript : Developed an application using Typescript and Javascript, using jquery.  Experience using other libraries such as telerik/kendo, fontawesome, toastr, popper, bootstrap, etc…
  • HTML : Developed an application using HTML, incorporating CSS, and scripting.

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