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.NET Developer

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Job Description

Client is seeking contract resources for the role of .NetCore Software Developer. The .NetCore Software Developer will analyze, design, develop, test, maintain, troubleshoot, document and refactor C#/.NET web applications using ASP.NET and .NetCore for the client Enterprise Software Systems. The .NetCore Software Developer may focus on a specific area of Court Case Management, Court Case eFiling, or Court Case Financials. Following the CLIENT Software Development and Delivery Methodology the .NetCore Software Developer will participate in systems design and estimation, software development and testing, and systems support in collaboration with the larger Client Court of Justice Enterprise Software business team. Must have experience building enterprise level web application and services for equivalent domains, (Justice, Medical, Banking). Shall interact with internal and external clients and vendors in a professional manner. Expected to author documentation to describe operational procedures and existing systems. 


C#MVCASP.NET.NetCoreJavaScriptWeb API, Azure, LINQJSON, T-SQL, WCF, XML, SSRS, Crystal Reports, PowerShell, Visual Studio 2017/19, RESTSOAP, Service-oriented architectures SOA, HTMLCSSSSMS, Stored Procedure, Function, SSIS, SQL Jobs, Views, Triggers, Tables, Security 

Organizational Position: 

The .NetCore Software Developer collaborates and contributes in a development team of 6-10 engineers, providing value added solutions as requested by the Product Owner, follows guidance from System and Software Architects and reports to the Team Lead. 


  • Overall 
    • Compliance with CLIENT software development standards 
    • Collaboration and utilization of design patterns to implement scalable applications 
    • Maintains technical currency 
    • Rapidly Prototype new ideas and concepts  
    • Using DevOps Azure/GitHub; 
    • Execute on backlog items as prioritized by the product owner 
    • Estimate, and report on effort 
    • Complete other work items as assigned 
    • Using Visual Studio 2019 or higher; 
    • Develop high quality C# software using best practices of the industry 
    • Refactor existing software as needed  
    • Build unit and integration tests within existing code base 
    • Assist with debugging enterprise application issues to resolve problems in test and production environments by reviewing errors and program code.  
    • Assist with development and utilization of automated testing. 
    • Regular attendance as required. 
    • Performs other duties as assigned


o    2+ year of practical C#, ASP.Net, MVC and .NetCore development in a team environment 

o    “SOLID” Developer 

o    SRP – Single Responsibility Principle 

o    OCP – Open/Closed Principle 

o    LSP – Liskov Substitution Principle 

o    ISP – Interface Segregation Principle 

o    DIP – Dependency Inversion Principle 

o    Familiar with  

o    Gang of Four Patterns 

o    Repository Patterns 

o    Unit of Work Patterns 

o    REST Practices 

o    Entity Framework 

o    Dependency Injection 

o    OAuth Practices 

o    ASP.NET MVC Patterns 

o    Testing and Mocking 

o    Experienced with business communication, analytical problem solving and troubleshooting skills 

Experienced working in multi-disciplined team environment with client and vendor interfacing skills.

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