PHP/Drupal Backend Engineers

PHP/Drupal Backend Engineers
CT, Stamford

Job Description

Front End Software Engineer

Looking to decouple Drupal to build out front-end web services to utilize Drupal as a content service – exposing content to other systems, applications and IoT devices. This will enable systems to consume content from Drupal with ease.

  • JavaScript (both front-end UI and server-side development) is HIGHLY desired
  • Seeking one front-end Software Engineer to focus on javascript framework development using REST APIs
  • Looking for this person to advise on frameworks – share the pros/cons of the libraries (react vs. angular vs ember etc) and determine a solution – engineer should not choose a technology before understanding the requirements
  • Goal with Drupal 8 – can they use the endpoints to build out the front-end
  • Written test is in JSON to produce a small template (see more notes under Interview process)

Back End Software Engineer (1 opening)

  • PHP back-end developer – Drupal side is all built in PHP
  • Will have access to DBA on team
  • Seeking a back end engineer to build end points in systems that can enable content delivery to multiple websites and external content platforms
  • Minimum 5+ years current PHP (v5.2 or higher) development experience
  • Strong experience developing and integrating with custom APIs
  • Migration experience Drupal 7 to 8 (not 6 to 7) preferred

 Daily Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of Drupal 7 & new feature/site development
  • Module/Scheming development to Drupal 8
    • Min 30% focus on Drupal 8
  • JIRA ticket maintenance, Kanban backlogs, no formal planning – just bi-weekly release cycles
    • Ex: build new tool for product teams

General Requirements:        

  • Demonstrated experience with TDD (Test Driven Development) – General knowledge of CI/CD and unit testing
  • Experience with Github, Jira and Jenkins are desired
  • Experience with data manipulation (including working with metadata) is a PLUS
  • Interest/Knowledge in Laravel
  • Strong oral and written communication skills - including strong documentation experience


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