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Platform Architect (Kubernetes, Python)

Platform Architect (Kubernetes, Python)
NY, New York

Job Description

This company is currently gearing up to tackle a large-scale platform overhaul that will strengthen our position as a technical leader within the industry. As such, this role has the opportunity to help shape and grow this new platform and the engineers who work on it, as well as to work within new and growing technologies and concepts such as Python, Node.js, Kubernetes, AWS managed services, aggregate document stores, containerized and serverless design patterns, and service-oriented architectures. It’s a very exciting time to join our engineering team!

Reporting to the VP of Engineering, this role will be responsible for architectural decision making across multiple cross-functional product teams. As we launch new products and services, as well as iterating on existing ones, you’ll help ensure quality coding standards and best practices are maintained and strengthened across the team. With your breadth of experience, you’ll advise on how to best scale our systems as we rapidly grow our user base and market footprint. Your role will include anticipating technical challenges both far-off and immediate and help guide us as we choose the best solutions, tools, and technologies for each problem.



· Conceptualize, design, review, demo and implement core infrastructure and building block architecture components and patterns that will allow LeafLink to power the regulated cannabis industry’s commerce needs

· Analyze and evaluate existing solutions within the company and help drive decisions on whether to extend or refactor as needed

· Develop short and long term strategic goals to continue to push LeafLink’s technology offerings forward

· Partner with Product, UX, Engineering, DevOps, Data and Delivery leadership to deliver business value through technology inside a Lean/Agile culture and delivery framework

· Understand and utilize knowledge around the challenges faced by LeafLink’s engineering team in order to make informed technology decisions and architectural approaches when implementing new functionality

· Take a hands-on approach to prototyping concepts and rolling out new infrastructure and concepts

· Interview and contribute to the growth of the engineering team, focusing on finding and then retaining candidates that will continue to elevate and diversify our ever-expanding set of in-house engineering talent

· Oversee and contribute meaningfully to various projects and initiatives within the department, helping to mentor and grow the technical competencies of the team through architectural reviews and pair programming efforts

· Help cultivate and advance a collaborative culture that values ownership and finding the best solution to a given problem while also emphasizing the importance of testing and automation

· Set and drive process and architectural standards that reflect the unique complexities of LeafLink’s business model while also complementing existing and ongoing work within other areas of the department

· Advocate for and deliver well-balanced solutions to technical issues as they arise based on a constantly-evolving product roadmap

· Keep up to date on modern technologies and trends and advocate for their inclusion within products when it makes sense as well as educating colleagues on practical use cases.


· Established track record of technical leadership and architecture experience in professional environments that have complex business requirements, compliance, or scaling challenges; experience working in e-commerce is highly desirable

· Strong understanding of modern cloud-based architecture design patterns, operations, and cost models and the ability to be hands-on when implementing best practices or suggesting improvements

· Ability to advocate for competitive and innovative technical decisions, gather consensus and buy-in, and deliver commitments

· Experience working in service-oriented, API-driven application tech stacks and working knowledge of the challenges and gotchas that can bring to the SDLC

· Experience architecting, building, and iterating on highly-performant APIs and supplemental applications in event-driven distributed systems

· Experience working within environments that rely heavily on automation, CI, and CD concepts to rapidly deliver, measure, and iterate on products and features

· Experience within containerized, serverless, and event-driven infrastructure, Kubernetes, document databases, and AWS

· Exceptional critical thinking and analytical skills, possessing the ability to quickly understand and ideate on complex systems and their associated data

· Passionate about product-focused, data-driven decision-making and continuous iteration

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are interested and available! I hope to hear from you soon!


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