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Project Engineer

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The main function of a project engineer is to estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment or labor to determine project feasibility. A typical project engineer has knowledge of engineering technology, building and construction and public safety and security. They must have solid decision making skills and be a critical thinker. 

Job Responsibilities:
• Design and supervise the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges and water supply and sewage systems.
• Evaluate the cost effectiveness, timing, reliability and safety of certain design models to determine project feasibility.
• Analyze and evaluate impact of project to government regulations and potential environmental hazards. 

• Creativity, verbal and written communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability.
• Team player and detail oriented.
• Ability to make sketches, engineering drawings and common computations.
• Ability to prepare or present public reports, maps or drawings to plan projects.
• Previous experience with computer applications related to engineering field. 

• Bachelor's degree in engineering required.
• 5-7 years experience required.

Story Behind the Need – Business Group & Key Projects
• Position’s Contributions to Work Group
• Team culture
• Surrounding team & key projects
• Purpose of this team
• Reason for the request

Typical Day in the Role
• Typical task breakdown and rhythm
• Interaction level with team
• Work environment description

Typical task breakdown:
- Help develop LOTO, interact with team, professionalism, report on production

Interaction with team: 
- Will work with a team of 4 engineers

Work environment: 
- Office/foundry based

Candidate Requirements
• Years of experience required
• Degrees or certifications required
• Disqualifiers
• Performance indicators

Position’s Contributions to Work Group
Help develop LOTO program

Education Requirements: 
BA in engineering or 8 years experience in electrical LOTO training, development

Technical Skills
Knowledge of all LOTO types of stored energy and how to perform the proper steps and develop best practices.

Soft Skills
Computer, communication

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