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Retail Store Application Manager

Retail Store Application Manager
NJ, Matawan

Job Description

The Retail Store Application Specialist is responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of system solution deployment and operations provided by  headquarters for store membership. The solutions may consist of any application that integrates with store selected point of sale system or is directly used at the store or store chain level to assist in store operations as provided by co-op headquarters such as: Item Management, Price Management, Scale Management, Order Management, Back-Door Receiving, Reclamation, WIC, Sales Taxation, Inventory Management, Customer Loyalty Management, Coupon Management, Reporting and other as provided. Each store member may desire to execute the operation of their individual store or chain or stores in a certain way. This role will need to effectively understand differences of solution needs from store members and ensure a timely quality implemention of the expected solution. To be effective in the role the Retail Store Application Specialist will need to be proficient in understanding the setup and operation of multiple point of sale systems and all co-op headquarter provided solutions to individual store members or store chains.


  • Identifies and performs specific required setup within co-op applications needed for data loads and integration with multiple store point of sale systems. 
  • Assists in the development and maintenance of new store onboarding conversion/implementaiton plans as required. 
  • Performs specific new store onboarding and setup activities as defined as the responsibility of the Retail Store Application Specialist. 
  • Advises and assists store personnel with specific point of sale setup needed to accept data integration from co-op application solutions. 
  • Advises and assists store personnel with specific point of sale personalization needed to deliver expected customer limits, overrides, discounts, offers, etc.
  • Advises and assist stores with the implementation of new hardware devices such as registers, pin pads, scales, back office workstations, handheld or mobile devices as currently defined as meeting Key Food Store Device Standards. 
  • Provides Level 2 support services to all member stores as defined within Level 1 Help Desk procedures. In addition, to following defined escalation procedures to Level 3 and Senior Level management based upon ticket priority and estimated resolution time parameters. 
  • Assist Enterprise Application group in collecting demand requests from stores, gathering detail requirements, advocating on behalf of stores within prioritization within project porfolio. In addition to, acting as a liason between stores and application group throughout the SDLC. 
  • Responsible for monitoring and taking necessary corrective action for any data integration between co-op systems and retail store applications.
  • Participates and executes required QA Testing Acceptance for all system changes that impact store operations. In addition, to coordinated extended User Acceptance Testing as needed by a representative sample of store personnel before implementation.
  • Designs communications and/or training determined to be required for any release of new or changed functionality directly impacting any store member. • Evaluates opportunities for providing improved efficiency, ease of use, and/or new capabilties desired by store members. 
  • Establishes or governs common processes as prescribed by co-op to enable effective delivery of services to store membership. • Identifies tasks to be performed by IT Field team to assist stores with requests, training, and/or evaluations on-site during store visits.
  • Assists store members with issue or request resolution with point of sale vendor or service providers when possible. QUALIFICATIONS EDUCATION Bachelors degree in techology or business related field


  • 5 or more years of experience with Point of Sale Technology 
  • 3 or more examples of full implementations of Point of Sale Solutions in a Retail environment
  • Experience with SAP 
  • Retail Grocery experience or comparitive Consumer Goods Retail experience 
  • Demonstrated ability to gather business requirements and document for application development clearly and concisely 
  • Expert understanding of the integration of Store Organization, Item, Pricing, and Customer/Shopper data into Point of Sale
  • Familiar with providing second level support to Store users as part of Service Management, understanding of ITIL standards a plus 
  • Ability to work independently and self-direct the appropriate priorities in a fast paced environment of multi-tasking. 
  • Knowledge of all phase of SDLC and full lifecycle implementations 
  • Demonstrated experience with creating detailed testing scenarios and scriptng to be performed to ensure quality implmentations. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively interact with store members and colleagues, multi-lingual a plus 
  • Demonstrated ability to diagnose incident root cause and take corrective action to resolve in addition to preventative measures in the future. 
  • Experience in setup and maintainance of customer loyalty solutions
  • Supervise, train, or evaluate team members as need to ensure a high level of performance and productivity within the team.

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