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Senior Developer – Microsoft (.NET)

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Job Description

Senior Developer – Microsoft

Frankfort, KY

Long-term Indefinite.

Job Description

Cabinet is looking to fill a Senior Developer – Microsoft position.  Below is a list of requirements and a job description.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


This job will work closely with our Applications Development team to support existing in-house applications, provide full life cycle support in rewriting current legacy applications utilizing best practices and more modern development platforms to meet the needs of the office.

Support Current Environment:

  • Cabinet currently uses an in-house desktop application environment called IDE.  IDE is used to manage nearly all functions of the CABINETs office including business functions, Corporate fillings, business records, trademarks, notary, candidate fillings, etc.
  • IDE is built on .Net WinForms in VB .Net, using an obsolete Microsoft technology called CAB (Composite application block), and C#, currently at the 4.6.1 level.
  • In addition, the CABINET office of technology maintains several public facing ASP.Net web applications, in both VB and C#.
  • Web services: ASMX, WCF, in both VB and C#.
  • The current hardware environment is Windows Server 2019.
  • All databases are SQL Server 2019.

New projects:

  • Rewrite IDE using modern Microsoft technology and utilizing best practices; including all phases of software development life cycle, from design, develop, deploy, support to end of life.
  • Develop interfaces with other Agencies in support of automating certain business functions.

Necessary Skills:

  • Experience migrating legacy systems utilizing best practices and more modern development platforms.
  • Experience programming in .Net, C#, and VB.
  • Experience designing, writing, deploying, iterating, and supporting enterprise wide applications.
  • Experience managing all aspects of software life cycle
  • Experience managing, maintaining SQL Serve

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