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Software Engineer

Software Engineer
WA, Bellevue

Job Description

Position: Software Engineer

Location: Bellevue 

About Us:
We believe all children can excel at learning, no matter where they start, where they live, or who they are. Along with district administrators, teachers, principals, and parents, we are dedicated to helping children realize their potential. Yet every child must be challenged, encouraged, and engaged in an individual way.

That’s why we developed our revolutionary Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, and combined it with a rigorous curriculum and an engaging game-like environment, to change the learning paradigm.

About the Role: 
The Software Development Engineer (SDE) in this role will be primarily focused on working with our middle-tier, back-end, and database infrastructure to help develop the next generation of scalable, reliable and maintainable services that will serve the company’s growing customer base.

What You'll Be Doing: 

  • Designs and implements software within a team of engineers
  • Collaborates closely with PM, QA and Operations to deliver quality solutions
  • Adheres to general Scrum principles as agreed upon by the team
  • Works with other Scrum teams as needed to provide support or seek expertise
  • Participates in requirements gathering and design analyses/reviews as needed
  • Embraces a DevOps culture and assumes responsibility for entirety of SDLC, from inception to running in Production
  • Proactively researches new and innovative solutions for problems
  • Is able to reasonably estimate the amount of effort needed for assigned work
  • Meets Scrum targets as agreed upon in each sprint
  • Provides quality code along with good unit test coverage
  • Solicits and participates in code reviews on a regular basis
  • Quickly responds to any issues that arise in Production
  • Reports to the back-end Dev Lead
  • Works closely with the QA and Ops organizations on a daily basis
  • As needed, reaches out to other parts of the company, including CS, Marketing, Sales, Finance, etc.

About You:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from an accredited institution, or equivalent work experience
  • 3+ years of professional programming experience
  • Strong CS fundamentals, data structures and algorithms
  • Recent working knowledge in designing and implementing software, ideally under Unix-like operating systems
  • Strong working knowledge and experience with Java and some knowledge of one or more of the following languages: Ruby, JavaScript, Python
  • Familiarity with database systems and architecture, including one or more of MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (DynamoDB, etc.), Redshift
  • Experience with Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
  • Self-motivated and passionate about software engineering and technology
  • Demonstrate excellent judgment and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate lateral thinking skills

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