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Software Engineer `

Software Engineer `
WA, Seattle

Job Description


Company: software security and helps organizations build and deploy more secure software. 

5+ years’ experience 

Full Stack

Tops skills are going to be:

1. Knowledge of Linux systems (Debian and RedHat preferred)

2.  Needs to have some experience with Security. Pentesting experience is preferred, but all types of security experience are welcome and needed. 

3. Proficient in Python, C, and Bash

4. Knowledge of debugging Linux applications, kernel drivers, and security issues

Linux System Developer Description The Linux System Developer will join a team of application security experts in Seattle to help design and develop the industry's most secure Kiosk. The role involves building, deploying, and maintaining a custom Linux distribution with an emphasis on application security. Strong Python development, systems programming, debugging, and package management skills required.


Work closely with application security experts to develop a secure kiosk Linux distribution

 Implement and debug security controls such as AppArmor profiles and IPtables configuration

Design and build end-to-end package management solutions for nation-wide deployment

Customize window manager and desktop environment to enhance security

Modify open source software and enhance features to meet client requirements

Develop Firefox extensions to enhance security and customize user experience

Maintain Debian and RPM packages to provide updates

System analysis and diagnostics of networking, printing, and security issues

Provide Tier 3 troubleshooting and support for enterprise customers

Update and maintain GUI applications in Qt/QML and other desktop frameworks

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