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Software Engineer

Software Engineer
WA, Bellevue

Job Description

Want to work for a company that is absolutely revolutionizing the risk management field. We are working with hot new technology.  On top of  our risk management platform, we are developing innovative products with state-of-the-art user experiences. We’re looking for top engineers to help us build this from the ground up. (There is tons of opportunity for ownership and innovation here!!)

This is a hands-on position where you will do everything from designing and building components and cutting-edge features to formulating strategy and direction within the org. You need to not only be a top developer with excellent programming skills and a stellar record of delivery, but also excel at leadership and customer obsession.

We're looking for a Software Development Engineer who is excited and passionate about tackling complex, leading-edge software engineering challenges, processing large amounts of data at runtime within the context of a highly analytical, model-based computation framework, solving incredibly challenging business and science real-world problems that will have a real impact.

What you can expect:

  • Is a highly scalable, cloud-based SaaS offering that performs low latency querying against detailed risk analysis data
  • Leverages cloud-based PaaS offerings and open source technologies as the foundation
  • Uses Spark, Linux, Java, C#, and leverages the latest advances in database tools, vector processing, hardware-based acceleration techniques, and geographic visualization tools
  • Utilizes a unique Big Data approach scaling to massive size over time, large-scale distributed data processing technology, and best-in-class virtualization technology

Required Skills:

  • Experience in Java, C#, or Scala, and software development in general
  • Experience with relational and big data storage such as PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Apache Spark, Kudu, Snowflake, Kubernetes, and similar technologies
  • Strong skills in analytic computing and algorithms
  • Knowledge of advanced programming concepts such as multi-threading, memory management, and query processing
  • Passion for finding and solving problems
  • 2-5+ years of programming experience; proven track record of on-time delivery
  • Excellent communication skills, proven ability to convey complex ideas to others in a concise and clear manner

Desirable experience and skills:

  • Experience in performance tuning, bottleneck analysis, and resource usage monitoring
  • Experience working on and/or with cloud and open source technologies such as Spark, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Distributing Processing
  • Familiarity with probabilistic and stochastic computational techniques
  • Experience with data access and computing in highly distributed cloud systems
  • Prior history with agile development

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