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Software Engineer

Software Engineer
WA, Redmond

Job Description

As an Engineer on this team, you will work on all aspects of a user-facing tool that contains many features for level design, modifying engine settings and game play scripting.  You will need to work in an existing codebase to create systems to allow our users to leverage engine features and create new ones.  The ideal candidate will enjoy finding new ways to leverage existing systems to enable content creators to do more.


·         Drive development of new features and enhance existing code.

·         Coordinate with other teams to leverage their features.

·         Work with designers to plan new features and find ways to improve workflows internally and externally.

·         Work with producers to accurately schedule and coordinate cross-team to deliver polished, and comprehensive features

Qualifications & Skills

·         Professional software engineering experience in C++

·         Experience working with large and complex codebases

·         Strong communication skills, with both technical and non-technical team members


·         Previous game development or tools experience

·         Shipped titles and experience supporting a released title 

·         Experience developing in a multi-player environment

·         Solid 3D Math skills (linear algebra and trig.)

·         Familiarity using Lua as a scripting language  

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