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Software Engineer

Software Engineer
WA, Seattle

Job Description

Halo is one of the largest videogame entertainment franchises in the world. With over 50 million game copies sold, this multi-billion dollar franchise has revolutionized console gaming and established a new, rich and expansive universe for its devoted fans.
As we look to the future, the Ecosystem team is exploring new ways in which we can actively engage with our fans and create a healthy universe and ecosystem. We are the team responsible for the Halo Waypoint, Halo App, and the Halo Channel companion experiences for Halo games. We are looking for a software engineer to join our ranks and help create and ship new experiences to our fans.
Part of our vision is to build a scalable ecosystem platform that will support our franchise priorities and serve as a single connection point between our fans, their communities and our experiences. To support this initiative, we are investing deeply in Waypoint and working on creating new experiences for our active players.
Our team strives for continuous improvement with a focus on quality, performance and availability.  We are constantly exploring the possibilities of new technologies and encourage our team members to innovate. We work with all of the teams within 343 industries, including our internal services development team, our publishing team, our content creation and the Halo community management team as well as several external partners. 
The ideal person for this position has extensive experience with web development using React and Node.js.  The candidate should have a passion for video games, elegant user interface design, and familiarity with consuming online services.  You will need to work with Producers, Artists, Designers and game team developers to help deliver experiences that will delight users and change the shape of gaming as we know it.

Qualifications & Skills

  • BS degree in Computer Science (or equivalent) preferred
  • Strong coding skills in React and Node.js. React Native and are a plus.
  • Experience developing Azure services with a strong understanding of cloud service design and challenges
  • Track record of designing and building highly scalable online services
  • Self-driven, strong communication skills and a demonstrated ability to work cross-group and cross-discipline
  • Passion for quality, usability and customer satisfaction


  • A Halo fan who plays Halo games and consumes Halo stories
  • Previous work experience on service-driven AAA games or game platforms.
  • Previous work experience on interactive video or game-related apps.
  • Experience in creating ecosystem/game hub experiences to support video games

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