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Software Engineer - Linux/Full Stack

Software Engineer - Linux/Full Stack
WA, Seattle

Job Description

The role involves building, deploying, and maintaining a custom Linux distribution with an emphasis on application security. Strong Python development, systems programming, debugging, and package management skills required.

The ideal candidate will have a strong involvement in the Linux and open source communities.


  • Work closely with application security experts to develop a secure kiosk Linux distribution
  •  Implement and debug security controls such as AppArmor profiles and IPtables configuration
  • Design and build end-to-end package management solutions for nation-wide deployment
  • Customize window manager and desktop environment to enhance security
  • Modify open source software and enhance features to meet client requirements
  • Develop Firefox extensions to enhance security and customize user experience
  • Maintain Debian and RPM packages to provide updates
  • System analysis and diagnostics of networking, printing, and security issues
  • Provide Tier 3 troubleshooting and support for enterprise customers
  • Update and maintain GUI applications in Qt/QML and other desktop frameworks
  • Full stack website development with Python Django Qualifications
  • Minimum 5 years experience in Linux application development and system administration
  • B.S. Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Strong knowledge of software design, development, and testing techniques
  • Familiar with Git, Agile, DevOps, and other
  • Detailed understanding of Linux internals, system programming, and administration
  • Proficient in Python, C, and Bash
  • Detailed knowledge of Debian and RedHat package management and file formats
  • Strong capacity for debugging Linux applications, kernel drivers, and security issues
  • Familiar with window manager and Linux desktop environment customization
  • Knowledgeable of Linux system security including access controls and hos

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