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Software Engineer - React/WebGL/FrontEnd

Software Engineer - React/WebGL/FrontEnd
WA, Redmond

Job Description

The ideal person for this position has extensive experience with web development using React and Node.js.  The candidate should have a passion for video games, elegant user interface design, and familiarity with consuming online services.  You will need to work with Producers, Artists, Designers and game team developers to help deliver experiences that will delight users and change the shape of gaming as we know it.

Qualifications & Skills

  • BS degree in Computer Science (or equivalent) preferred
  • Strong coding skills in React and Node.js. 
  • Experience with 3d graphics programming. WebGL, Three.js, Unity or similar.
  • Experience with React Native would be a plus.
  • Experience developing Azure services with a strong understanding of cloud service design and challenges
  • Track record of designing and building highly scalable online services
  • Self-driven, strong communication skills and a demonstrated ability to work cross-group and cross-discipline
  • Passion for quality, usability and customer satisfaction

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