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Software Engineer - Salesforce/Back End

Software Engineer - Salesforce/Back End
WA, Seattle

Job Description

Our client is looking for developers who are passionate about building quality software to solve real world problems.

You Are

  • Able to demonstrate good fundamental engineering skills and understanding of core CS concepts. (e.g., Why would you write this bit of code this way vs that way? What are the different performance trade-offs of your choice? How would you refactor it to make it faster or lighter or easier to test or easier to read, etc.)
  • Have a BS in Computer Science or related fields, or be able to demonstrate equivalent level of knowledge.
  • Have 2+ years of work experience as a developer or in equally technical roles.
  • Comfortable in a highly collaborative environment. We work closely with one another within the team and with other teams. Being able to work well with other technical or non-technical folks is an important quality for us.
  • Very comfortable expressing your thoughts in a programming language of your choice. Whichever language you prefer (we prefer Java and Python), you should be able to demonstrate proficiency in it.
  • Comfortable in quickly picking up a new programming languages, platforms, and tooling. We do our work in multiple languages and on multiple platforms. Ability to learn things quickly is very useful to us.
  • Comfortable and interested in quickly learning concepts from business domain areas. We work closely with all departments - Customer Operations, Sales, Accounting, Marketing, etc. Ability to learn (and interest in learning about) how a fast-scaling enterprise conducts its business is very valuable. Ability to explain complex technical thoughts to non-technical folks comes in handy, too. 

More About Our Client's Team

  • Often, we work in Salesforce using Apex (a Java-like language). Your prior knowledge of Salesforce or other CRM concepts is useful, but not necessary.
  • Often, we work in AWS, inside EC2 instances or in Lambdas, using Python, Javascript or PHP, and often containerized in Docker. Your prior knowledge of these concepts is useful, but not necessary.
  • Sometimes, we develop stand-alone applications or web services in Java or Python. Knowledge of these concepts is useful, but not necessary.
  • We automate our deployments using Bamboo, Git and various custom scripts. Knowledge of CI/CD concepts and proficiency in Git is very useful.

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