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Sr. Software Engineer - Ruby/JavaScript/AWS

Sr. Software Engineer - Ruby/JavaScript/AWS
WA, Bellevue

Job Description

Our client develops high quality software in a fast paced startup environment. Expert software engineering skills are a must. Development includes a wide range of languages and technologies from ruby to python to javascript and sidekiq to redis to node. This creates a very modern tech stack designed to be a proper cloud citizen. You must be able to design reliable software within this tech stack while keeping up with the high speed business. The counterpart to this is the freedom do build anywhere in the product to get your work done with very few boundaries and a team that is friendly and collaborative in building great services and software.

About You

You bring a strong understanding of cloud development including proficiency in cloud languages, patterns and services. Collaborative teamwork is a primary mode of operation for you in getting your work done. You’re both willing to reach out to others with questions and support your peers in their work. At the same time you understand what ownership and accountability for your individual work means.

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