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System Engineer-Production support

System Engineer-Production support
CA, Remote

Job Description

Job Details:
System engineer 4
Mountain View,  CA/Remote
Duration: 12 Months Contract


Senior SRE is a software engineer responsible for ensuring that Ad’s platform services are designed, implemented, deployed, and operated such that they are highly available, highly performing, and scalable.



• Co-architect new services, including failure tolerance and self-healing by-design, as well as establishing clear scaling-out paths

• Evaluating and benchmarking new solutions, establishing capacity and growth plans

• Implementing deployment and configuration strategies for new services, including provisioning resources, and go-live

• Administration of services, whether built in-house or from external vendors

• Continuous optimization of services on all layers (hardware, software) for high performance

• Continuous improvement of internal services for ease of packaging, configuration and deployment

• Monitoring of all critical services, sharing pager duty, troubleshooting and addressing problems as they arise (including any needed changes in code, topology, resources, or configuration)

• Backup/DR implementation, plans, documentation and exercises

• Co-own technical relationships with several service providers and vendors




• Strong expertise administrating and scaling Kubernetes on bare metal and CKA preferred

• Experience with Service meshes

• Strong understanding of distributed systems and client server architectures

• Experience working in a micro services environment

• Full competency in at least 1 supporting language (Bash, SQL, Python)

• Strong Linux system administration and troubleshooting skills, including strong knowledge of how the various components work (kernel, CPU, memory, disk, network)

• Familiarity with configuration management systems

• Familiarity with distributed multi-datacenter 24/7 web systems

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