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Technical Architect

Technical Architect
NY, New York

Job Description

We are looking for a Corporate Technical Architect with strong software integration experience for a permanent position with our client in NYC. Please review the job details below and send qualified resumes to

Our client is creating the role of corporate technical architect to facilitate the integration of their current services into a cloud platform. They are looking for someone who has a strong background in technical architecture to help standardize and integrate a diverse suite of software solutions, while building new capabilities using modern technologies and practices.

Key Responsibilities

·        Together with our architects, define the architectural vision for an integrated product suite, drive understanding of and support for the vision through all levels of the organization.

·        Establish technical as well as organizational scalability as a primary property of our technical architecture.

·        Drive collaboration and communication between teams on all matters related to architecture.  Support the teams by providing documented standards and practices.  Understand the challenges the teams face due to inconsistent architecture between products, and develop a strategy to address.

·         Enforce architectural standards and consistency when required to meet organizational goals. 

·         Work with individual teams to define architectural solutions that balance the team's tactical goals with the company's strategic vision. 

Required Experience/Skills:

·         10+ years’ experience in software development at a commercial software company, with 5+ years in a technical architecture role.

·        Some experience with delivering SaaS products at enterprise scale.  Deep understanding of technologies, patterns, and techniques to scale applications to global reach, delivered by a truly global organization.

·         Experience with a wide range of languages, frameworks, patterns and tools, ideally including but not limited to .NET, C#, Go, OpenStack, CQRS, Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Docker+Kubernetes, Oauth/Open ID, REST, DCOM.

·         Experience integrating legacy and modern systems.

·         In-depth knowledge of large scale database and nosql design and optimization. 

·         Analytical thinking - able to simplify complex problems, processes or projects into component parts explore and evaluate them systematically

·         Strategic thinking – able to identify a vision along with the plans, which need to be implemented to meet the end goal, evaluating situations, decisions and issues in the short, medium and long term.

·         Influencing and persuading - able to present sound and well-reasoned arguments to convince others. Adapts to the situation and can draw from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement or behavior change.

·         Communication - able to get one’s message understood clearly by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information. Able to communicate effectively with colleagues from diverse cultural/organizational backgrounds.

·         Managing relationships and team working - able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of people. Works co-operatively with others to be part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively. 


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