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Tester Opportunity in Frankfort, KY - Hybrid Remote

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Job Description




Frankfort, KY Cabinet is currently observing a 60/40 hybrid work environment, in the office 3 days of the week and remote/telecommuting 2 days.



Estimated Duration:

Long-Term Indefinite Contract




 Job Description

  • Responsible for testing and evaluating software applications and systems to ensure proper functionality and service delivery.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design and execute test plans on computer applications.
  • Serve as primary tester for all changes; coordinate testing efforts by end-users.
  • Record and document results and compare to expected results.
  • Detect software failures so that defects may be discovered and corrected.
  • Generate historical analysis of test results.
  • Document anomalies and issues.
  • Maintain database of software defects.
  • Work with development staff to examine code and execution of code in various environments.
  • Verify specific action or function of code.
  • Provide application instructions for users.
  • Develop and document application test plans based on software requirements and technical specifications.
  • Work with development staff to create meaningful error handling procedures for application code.
  • Ensure compliance with general programming best practices, accepted web standards and those standards set forth by upstream sources.
  • Support application security audits.
  • Collaborate with IT staff to implement application designs, create queries, scripts, web pages and other deliverables.
  • Participate in application planning meetings.
  • Ensure data integrity standards.
  • Perform reviews, walkthroughs, or inspections

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