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UX/UI Designer

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Telecom - UX/UI Designer 2

New York, NY

6 moths contract


Job Description -

In this role you will be helping design the future. Using research as a catalyst you will be evaluating people, their tools (in the form of product and tech), how well their tools are working for them, their goals in using these tools, people’s broader goals and aspirations, their UX interactions, trends in the world and in user groups, mapping the landscape of existing technology, and researching emerging technology all in order to pinpoint future needs and possibilities.

This role is half research, and half translation – a significant part of the work will be thinking about the implications of what we have learned on what is possible. This will include working with designers or other product folks to brainstorm possibilities.

Responsibilities and Necessary Skills

Working with a small research team, leveraging a variety of approaches and resources to conduct research that feeds new innovation design group. Taking insight and translating into output in the form of decks and/or workshop material that will be used in development of new experiences, interactions, use cases, and products. Will also do workshopping/brainstorming with design groups and throughout representing the voice and needs of the user.

  • Heavy front-end strategy/category/product development research versus back-end product development research.
  • A-Z experience with research – having hands-on, custom research, DIY approach. (Vendors might be used with some projects or recruitment agencies but expect projects where you will be setting the goals of research, creating discussion guides, screeners, survey’s plugging things into tools like Qualtrics or D-Scout, analyzing interviews, maybe some facilitation of interviews, organizing and giving direction for stimulus (as needed) analyzing results (both qual. And quant.) Crafting findings in some kind of document and/or creating some kind of output (ex. moodboards) that are a catalyst for brainstorming.
  • Research approach will be a mix and may include: Usability Testing, Category Mapping, features deep diving, Jobs to be done evaluations, competitive benchmarking research, Segmentation, Lifestyle research/deep dives, Trend’s analysis and forecasting etc.
  • Comfortable working remote
  • Experience working with product makers - from designers to product managers to engineers
  • A self-starter, driven, strong relationship builder, passionate about learning and making a difference
  • Good analytical approach with experience in using data/content in a qualitative and quantitative format (heavy statistical modeling etc. not required.)

Please submit candidates w/ the following must-haves:

  • Practiced/gone through design thinking process as part of development process (from manufacturer/developer/client side – not strictly design agency side.) Conducted research feeding design thinking process. (i.e. research that feeds front end-blue sky product development.)
  • Prior experience (5-8 years) working in research involving a mix of methodologies and outcomes; looking for those with “design thinking” research approach – worked on new/innovative projects (open-ended research)
  • Looking for candidates w/ holistic research experience; experience in Consumer Insights will stand out (mix of qualitative/qualitative research)

Ideal Candidate:

  • Consumer facing focus versus BtoB or enterprise.
  • Manufacturer/developer side product/software/services experience where you were able to see how research translated into strategy and/or product development decisions and end result product/experiences. (We are less focused on UX/UI Research. Looking for candidates w/ product research experience and CPG experience; worked on innovation projects or emerging projects)
  • Experience working-in emerging product categories – or on projects that were ‘blue sky’ focused where research was informing new idea’s, products, use cases, unmet needs or capabilities versus optimizing existing concepts.
  • Passion love for tech and exploring emerging categories and undefined/unrealized spaces – from robotics in consumers lives to mixed reality. Areas that are still very much on the front end of the adoption curve.
  • Experience doing deep dives into UX elements of an experience – interaction models etc.

Top 3 must-have skills/requirements: Consumer Insights, Design Research, UX research experience. I am NOT looking for a designer who has some research experience. I am also not looking for any candidate whose research experience is all from academia and I do not want PHD candidates.

Education: College education, there are not requirements here – but anything in research, design arts, anthropology and psychology are especially great, but honestly their education isn’t going to be what makes them qualified. It is their work experience.

How many years of experience is required: 6+ years in RESEARCH. Not 6 years of professional experience with a few years of research. (i.e. they were a designer for a few years, and then a researcher for a few years. ) We are looking for RESEARCH first people. i.e their roles have been in research.

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